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Nominee Directors and Shareholders (Stake holders)

Nominee Directors and Shareholders (Stake holders)

BENEFIN offers secure and safe Director Service and Shareholder Service.

Both services are based on bespoke thorough Trust Agreement and special Director Service Agreements.

custom made offer is usually made after we become well acquainted with your business. We assess our work loads and responsibilities for the nominee services as well as the scope of our involvement.

For security reasons the Director(s) and Shareholder(s) roles are split between different persons and/or legal entities. For extra security joint signing rights may be ascertained.

Pre-approval of Action Instruction Mechanism can be introduced in the trust agreement.

The best global practices of the Trust Service industry are employed in our practice.

Should you or your legal advisors have special requirements we will take them into account with the greatest care.

Foundations/Trusts in Bulgaria

Forming a foundation is especially beneficial when the ultimate beneficial ownership of a company or business, including investment assets needs to be structured in a neat and orderly fashion.

The functioning of the Foundation in Bulgaria is governed by a thorough and far-reaching Statutory Act.

We can provide professionals to act as some or all of The Governors Under Trust.

The Founder(s) of the foundation can be any person and even a third person.

The Beneficiaries can be either explicitly named persons or people that meet certain criteria or decided by the board.

In all cases The Structure can be fine-tuned to meet your needs, requirements and ultimate objectives.

This structure can be used for both temporary and permanent needs and survive generations intact.

Filing & Administration

We provide comprehensive and efficient administrative and filing services including:

  • Collection of documents;
  • On-line banking;
  • Submission of documents and filing to institutions;
  • Assistance and advice on issuance of licenses, permissions, certificates;
  • Issuance of documents for associated tax liabilities or their relief or absence;
  • Tax and accounting opinion and review of contracts, transactions and supplies;
  • Invoice and transaction documents drafting and issuance.

Online Merchant (Card Payment Collection) Service

Through the Online Card Payment Collection Service our clients can collect payment for their goods and services over the Internet.

Our service is fast, safe, reliable and fully licensed by the respective EU authorities.

Requirements for your company: to obtain a bank account, where the funds from card collections will be paid.

You can apply for both Bank Account and Merchant Account at the same time and order them whilst also establishing (buying) your Bulgarian Limited Company.

Please contact us to discuss your card payment collection needs.

Immigration Advice

A custom made immigration advisory service can be offered for people aiming to relocate to the EU member state Bulgaria.

To legally immigrate to Bulgaria there are several options available .

An assistance can be provided for most of them.

Having in mind your unique circumstances, we will advise you on the best option to ensure a successful relocation to Bulgaria. Choosing the right option and the right way towards it is of key importance for the success of your effort.  Before all it needs to be suitable for your own personal circumstances.

For more information please provide us with details.

You can call us on +359 899 966 958 or e-mail us on For lengthier discussions we can establish a special conference line to dial in.