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BENEFIN – Incorporate Bulgaria

Legal Structuring

Objectives of Transaction Structuring

Structuring transactions in a legally sound, tax efficient manner once the business and finance topics have been agreed is tremendously important these days when every bit of a performance margin matters.

Transaction structuring is preparatory work performed before any individual contract drafting. Its objective is to determine the optimal available option and only then to define the number, scope and essence of the various contracts to be entered into.

In order to be most effective we start at deal negotiation phase at which time we may provide feedback to the client and those performing the corporate finance and investment banking roles.

Our Approach

We normally start with  analysis, studying the characteristics of the deal, its logic and stage of development of the relationship. We pay special attention to complementary virtues and complications. Deals are expensive exercises with tremendous effects and make sense if the realistically expected has the adequate legal dressing that help all the risks, upsides and downsides be handled appropriately. Therefore we base our advise on full deterministic forecast of each possible scenario.  If the results are promising we proceed with the transaction structuring and planning of the technical execution and mechanics.


Success is achieved by a team and a process with no weak links. Hence all the members of the legal team are of highest capacity, experience and knowledge. Normally we require our clients to appoint the best available other, advisors, tax experts, accountants and auditors to make the transaction really immaculate.

Next Steps

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