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BENEFIN – Incorporate Bulgaria

Dedicated Accounting Service

This service is intended for large volume and complex operations businesses. We normally form a joint working team and plan the accounting, reporting and whole information system from A to Z, whilst trying to seamlessly integrate it with the rest of the functions running in your business organisation.

Our Approach

We analyse your operations and business using both publicly available information and data that you provide to us under a strict confidentiality agreement. After we perform an initial review we plan an inception meeting with you and request people that are responsible for certain functions to be attending.

During the first working meeting we plan the rest of the process and try to estimate the time needed to finish it. We continue to work with you until we reach a MoU which is subsequently embodied into a final comprehensive contract.

After the accounting service contract execution we carefully plan together with you the accounting function take over process so that there are no disruptions to your normal operations and their accounting and reporting reflection.


Our team boasts the best accounting professionals and CPAs as well as IT professionals, financial and operations analysts so that we can put together a bespoke solution that serves your needs to the most. We do not compromise on expertise and professionalism and if necessary and desirable we retain third party professionals.

Depending on the expected loads we either reserve cloud IT capacity or build a dedicated infrastructure on the site of our service center. We analyse, plan, measure and adjust as required to offer you a high quality service.

Service options

Depending on your needs, policies, and intentions we can offer you different level of service that suits best your preference:

  • Entry of documents into accounting information system
  • Book-keeping of distinct part of your transactions
  • Complete book-keeping
  • Complete book-keeping and reporting
  • Control and supervision
  • Analysis

Next steps

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