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BENEFIN – Incorporate Bulgaria

Equity and Start-up Funding

Corporate Finance, Project Finance and Advisory

Benefin Corporate offers a full range of corporate finance and advisory services and access to years of rich deal making and execution experience.

Our approach is streamlined, cost efficient, down to earth and robust.

We base all our estimates and conclusions both on practical experience and solid corporate finance and investment fundamentals.

Analysing, modelling, appraising and valuing is where we start from. In order to get a straight feel of our competence and expertise talk to us: +359 899 966 958, office@benefin.eu.

Our range of services include:

// Valuations

// Modelling and business planning, including strategic

// Private equity placements

// Risky Seed and Angel Finance

// M&A – Disposals

// IPOs

// Debt Finance including bank loan arrangements and negotiations

// Debt-equity restructurings

// Difficult situations, defaults, liquidations, debtor protections

// Growth strategies and marketing strategies including complete marketing systems

These are just the main lines. In supplying the corporate finance we work with the best possible providers for resources that we do not keep in house. However the core corporate finance competences lie at home. Getting to negotiate with us our own engagement you will most certainly get a feel of what we are like in action against your “enemies”.


For more information please contact Zlatin Sarastov on sarastov@benefin.eu or call him at +359 899 966 958.  It is not necessary to register a Bulgarian company or be domiciled in Bulgaria for using this service. Your corporate finance advisory and banking costs could be significantly reduced if you use Benefin’s services.