Bank Accounts – BENEFIN – Incorporate Bulgaria
BENEFIN – Incorporate Bulgaria

Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

I. The types of bank accounts we can open on your behalf are:

Personal Bank Account

Company Bank Account

II. Opening: Bank account can be opened in the following currencies: euro, pound sterling, swiss frank, US dollar or local currency

III. Benefits of using the service of opening a bank account in Bulgaria:

Saves you time and efforts.

Only reliable banking institutions present in Bulgaria are recommended and used.

BENEFIN does not have signing rights on the accounts.

BENEFIN can act as a signatories in trust unless you explicitly instruct us to act as such.

BENEFIN offers the latter service as a part of the nominee services we provide.

Your presence is usually not required.

Online banking for your accounts can be arranged upon request.

24/7 online banking will be provided if the online banking is arranged.


International Debit Cards

Over the recent years Bulgaria has become a very popular tax-heaven destination within the EU. Bulgaria The Euro  has not yet been adopted in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is fixed to the euro since 1997. The exchange rate is roughly 2 levs to the euro.

Opening a Bulgarian bank account with a debit card enables you to pay for goods and services worldwide.

International Debit Cards can be obtained both for your personal and company accounts.

If you wish to use a Bulgarian bank different from the one suggested by us we will gladly follow your instructions.

Contact us to obtain a list of all licensed and active banks in Bulgaria.


Interest Rate Arbitrage

Some Bulgarian banks offer very attractive deposit rates. The first 100,000 euro are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Government. This means that you can lend money effectively to the Bulgarian Government at several times the market rates.

Please contact us for a tax efficient legal structure to benefit from the Bulgarian interest rate arbitrage strategy.

The banking products involved are offered by licensed banking institutions and covered by the Bulgarian deposit guarantee scheme.


Online Merchant Service (Card Payment Collection)

We offer online card payment collection service. This enables our clients to collect payment for their goods and services over the Internet. Our service is fast, safe, reliable and fully licensed by the respective EU authorities. Your company should have a bank account opened, where the funds from card collections will be paid. You can apply for both bank account and merchant account at the same time and order them whilst also establishing (buying) your Bulgarian limited company.

To discuss your card payment collection needs please contact us.

You can call us on +359 899 966 958 or e-mail us on For lengthier discussions we can establish a special conference line to dial in.